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A Stanford study of more than 30,000 people over many years asked the question:"what does it really mean to be WELL?"

Here, we look at the incredible answers they've found so far - and how we draw on this research as a foundational framework to power ELANZA.


The 7 Domains used in ELANZA coaching


Sense of Self

Uncovering values, strengths and purpose ('who really am I?') is a central part of starting to build towards future goals intentionally.

Positive Emotions

Emotional intelligence means understanding how we are really feeling and having strategies for de-stressing when needed.


 What is resilience and can we be build more of it? Over time, we can enhance our abilities to recover quickly from difficulties.

Negative Emotions

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWCs) have had years of training to become leaders in their field. The NBC-HWC is nationally recognized as the standard of excellence for health and wellbeing coaching.

Physical Health

With a growing pool of unqualified "coaches," there is not a standardization of care. Board Certified Coaches give you peace of mind knowing that you are working with a trained professional. 


They spend years in a specialized, accredited training program, they must complete 50 coaching sessions and have an associate’s degree or higher or 4,000 hours work experience.

Social Connectedness

Board Certified Coaches are prepared to take on any number of fertility journies and life stages. They can adapt with you and support you no matter where the journey leads. 

Understanding wellbeing

Wellbeing is a complex concept that differs among and between individuals and groups, as well as being impacted by relationships, career, environmental and even geopolitical factors. 

Still, there are themes and correlations that we can identify and use to better understand and build on the wellbeing of ourselves, our friends, families and communities.

It's this broader pattern that researchers from the WELL Laboratory at Stanford University decided to try to map. This ambitious, multi-generational, longitudinal study over several countries is still ongoing in 2022 (and the plan is to run it until 2099!)

Data has already started to emerge that gives us key insights into what leads to wellbeing.


Top 3 points to take away from the research

1. Social connectedness was the largest driver of wellness

Things like eating healthily, getting good quality sleep and exercising regularly were big contributors to overall sense of wellbeing of research participants.

2. Lifestyle behaviors also feature highly 

Things like eating healthily, getting good quality sleep and exercising regularly were big contributors to overall sense of wellbeing of research participants.

3. Stress doesn't always dictate wellbeing, as long as we are resilient 

The Stanford researchers pointed out that although stress was a detractor of wellbeing, major stressors like divorce or moving country could sometimes be an opportunity for a sense of heightened well-being, where the individual felt they had coped well or overcome difficulties.

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Life is not merely being alive,

but being well.

Work in between sessions

ELANZA Coaches work on the 7 domains as part of the natural conversational structure and fabric of our coaching sessions.

The member materials we send in between coaching sessions provide extra opportunities to learn and grow through a process of self-discovery that can beautifully enhance the effectiveness of coaching.