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Effectiveness of wellness coaching in the workplace

Discover the impact of offering wellness coaching for family and fertility in the workplace.

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The stats that change your business


The % of employees that used a coach in the exploring/planning phase of their fertility and family-planning journey

1 in 4

Employees felt more effective and focused at work after receiving ELANZA coaching as a benefit.


The stress levels of employees before coaching were 13% higher than that of someone diagnosed with cancer.


Employees that said they were clearer and more confident in their personal or professional goals after coaching.

Download this report to:

  • Understand what employees are REALLY going through and how that affects their work

  • Learn what coaching is and how it can be used as a preventative mental health measure

  • Find out what employees AREN'T saying at work because they don't want to be judged

  • Get a science-based view on what is causing real stress for employees and how to best support them

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