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The ELANZA coaching approach

Best-in-class coaching
for profound personal

ELANZA Wellness Coaching connects our members with a highly engaged, personalized coaching experience focused on personal and family visioning and moving forward through choices, challenges and changes in your life. Our hallmark is a professionally rigorous approach backed by neuroscience, psychology and top research. We are proud to move the needle when it comes to emotional wellbeing and life satisfaction!

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The ELANZA method

Designed to foster

wisdom, wonder and wellbeing

on all fertility & family journeys.

Professional network

We're pioneering a new standard of care in emotional wellness coaching

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ELANZA Wellness coaches help our members connect the dots from where they are to where they want to be in their lives.


Our coaching meets and exceeds the top standard of care required by health insurers and meets all HIPAA data privacy and confidentiality requirements.


The foundations of our coaching system rest on 3 core pillars we consider the secret to our excellent results and delighted members:

Coaches Certified by National Board

We hire best-in-class coaches who hold the prestigious NBC-HWC training and certification. 

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ELANZA Specialist Training Program

We give additional specialist trainings in a continuous learning model.

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We use clinically validated measures to ensure the effectiveness of our work.

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There's no one such thing as family

Designed in line with our value of radical inclusivity to help all people

create the lives they choose. 

Framework for effectiveness

The ELANZA Method of Coaching

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A carefully designed intake process to get to know our members

All ELANZA Coaching journeys begin with members completing relevant personal and medical information and our Coaching Readiness Assessment.

This enables the members' coach to better serve their needs and provides a safety pathway should a mental health provider be a better fit.

Every new ELANZA member is enrolled in our 12 Week Getting Started With ELANZA Coaching Program, which guides them through what coaching is and how to prepare for coaching to get the best out of it along the way, right from their very first session.


NBC-HWC Specialists with additional ELANZA skills and training 

ELANZA Wellness coaches partner with members to explore their strengths, values and motivations for making decisions, healthy mindset and behavior changes and finding clarity in their personal lives and family journeys.

With core specialist trainings, including Trans experiences of fertility, pregnancy loss and grief and more, our coaches can hold space for the often complex and nuanced challenges along diverse life journeys.

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Cultivating wisdom, wonder and wellbeing

Additional ELANZA workshops and programs support the 1-1 coaching journeys by providing additional tools and opportunities for self-guided discovery and personal growth.

Structured around the 10 Domains of Wellness identified by Stanford University researchers, our members receive extra support around social, physical and relational aspects of personal and family life, as well as having access to specialist materials around topics such as fertility preservation, assisted reproduction treatments, surrogacy, donor, adoption and more.

Safety & Privacy

Our standards around duty of care, security and confidentiality.

Our Keeping Members Safe Policy ensures a high standard of care for members: this includes a flagging safety system and ELANZA coaches receiving training on when and how to refer members to therapy, other mental health resources or clinical care.

Our telehealth platform is HIPAA compliant and all staff commit to a strict data privacy and confidentiality policy. We hold ourselves to the same same set of standards and hospitals and medical providers and hold our members data with the utmost security and respect.

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How we measure the effectiveness of ELANZA coaching.

Our members' amazing testimonials have made our team tear up. But in addition to hearing about the positive transformations they have experienced in their own lives, we use externally and clinically validated PSS (Perceived Stress Score)10 tool to measure the effectiveness of our coaching on emotional wellbeing.

We are proud of our ability to make profound lifts to emotional wellbeing. As our data is dynamic with our growing member base, please contact our team if you would like to learn more about our latest results.

Note: all data is de-personalized, aggregate and non-identifiable

Transforming lives

Our proven coaching methodology and incredible team of coaches literally changes people's lives.

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