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Endometriosis Quality of Life Score

The E-QOL score was created through a rigorous process of research and validation. It involves the development of a questionnaire that asks individuals with endometriosis to rate the severity and frequency of various symptoms and the extent to which these symptoms affect different aspects of their lives, such as work, relationships, and emotional well-being. Researchers then analyze the data collected from a large sample of individuals with endometriosis to determine which items are most relevant to assessing quality of life in this population.

The E-QOL score is a valuable tool for individuals with endometriosis because it allows them to quantify and communicate the extent of their symptoms' impact on their daily lives. It provides a standardized way to assess and track quality of life changes over time, which can be helpful for both patients and healthcare providers in understanding disease progression and treatment effectiveness. Additionally, the E-QOL score can be used in clinical trials and research studies to evaluate the impact of new treatments and interventions on quality of life outcomes for people with endometriosis.

As a person with endometriosis, using the E-QOL score can be empowering as it gives you a tangible measure of how the condition affects various aspects of your life. It can help you and your healthcare provider make informed decisions about treatment options and management strategies. Additionally, participating in research or clinical studies that use the E-QOL score can contribute to the broader understanding of endometriosis and potentially lead to improvements in care and support for individuals living with the condition.

In the last 4 weeks, how often because of your endometriosis have you...

Interpreting your results

Use your score and match it up with the chart below to find out what your currently quality of life is. 

If you are tracking your E-QOL score over time, it's crucial to establish a baseline score before starting any treatment or intervention. Comparing follow-up scores to the baseline will give you a clearer understanding of the treatment's effectiveness and any changes in your quality of life.


Note: The E-QOL score does not provide information on the specific symptoms you are experiencing or their severity. It focuses on the overall impact of endometriosis on your life. If you have specific concerns about symptoms, discuss them with your healthcare provider.

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