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Sareena Sharma

IVF London

Reproductive Biologist


Having a job where you can see the difference you’re making is incredible.

1. What’s the best part of your job?
Meeting the patients and helping their dreams of having a baby come true

2. To you, what step is most critical to delivering excellent patient care?
Putting the patient at the centre of your care. Making sure that the patient is always aware of exactly what is happening. Patients appreciate when they are kept in the loop.

3. What motivated you to join this field?
Having studied developmental biology during my undergraduate studies, the area of embryology was a natural fit. I went on the study embryology for my Masters degree and I’ve never looked back. Having a job where you can see the difference you’re making is incredible.

4. From working in reproductive health, what’s something you’ve learned about navigating challenges?
Mental and emotional health. Fertility treatment can be a very daunting prospect for many people. It takes its toll on a persons mental health and shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s why we ensure that our patients know they can always talk to our counsellor and why we include one session for free in our treatment cycles.

5. What is the most important piece of advice, or tip, you can give to all people facing fertility struggles out there?
Talk to someone. Nobody should have to go through this journey alone. Whether it’s your spouse, a family member, a friend or a counsellor
it’s important that you have someone on the outside that you can talk to. And ask questions to the staff in the clinic. The more informed you are about your treatment, the more at ease you’re likely to feel!

6. Who are 3 inspirational figures to you in health and wellness and why?
Serena Williams - besides sharing my name! She is one of the strongest athletes in the world, she is also an advocate for women of colour

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