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Tina Koopersmith

West Coast Women's Reproductive Center



I love getting to really know my patients.

1. What’s the best part of your job?
Helping patients achieve their dreams and goals and feel okay with their life

2. To you, what step is most critical to delivering excellent patient care?
Treating each patient as an individual not as a diagnosis to be fixed.

3. What motivated you to join this field?
I love getting to really know my patients, I loved doing "procedures" and surgery, and I loved the cutting edge that fertility offered--it is constantly growing and changing as a field, and i had a cousin with recurrent miscarriages and her mom had LUPUS back when that was a very rare diagnosis--I always wondered how the two were related

4. From working in reproductive health, what’s something you’ve learned about navigating challenges?
We have to recognize as a health care profession that an individual has 4 bodies: mental body, physical body, emotional body and energetic body--for every experience in life we have a thought , an image ( or taste, smell, sound touch etc) a body sensation and an emotion-- we need to treat all of them!! not just the body and realize that everything is interconnected. And when all these are addressed and when both the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system are balanced-- we are more well. We are more the same than different and yet we are all different because we each have had individual life experiences-- we need to notice both our similarities and our differences and always be curious about both

5. What is the most important piece of advice, or tip, you can give to all people facing fertility struggles out there?
Stop and accept whatever is in your life. LIVE in the present not the future or the past, accept your life and swim with the river flow, don't fight and struggle against the current--even while you work with your body and mind and spirit and healers to get the outcome you desire.

6. Who are 3 inspirational figures to you in health and wellness and why?
Mark Hyman, Tierona Low Dog, Andrew Weil who are bringing integrative medicine and functional medicine to the forefront.

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