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Who Is Fertility Coaching For?

ELANZA celebrates all family-building journeys, our Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches are here to help you discover your path to parenthood. Fertility coaching may be beneficial for all stages of your reproductive health journey.

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Explore your options around fertility and family building 

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IVF Treatment


Manage stress around fertility treatments like IVF, IUI, etc. 

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Get help managing the stress around surrogacy or donor eggs

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Egg/sperm Freezing


Explore if egg/embryo/sperm freezing is right for you

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Living Childfree


Explore the life path of living childfree

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Get help managing the process of adoption

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Single Parenthood

Get support in managing single parenthood by choice

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QUIZ: Find out if fertility coaching is right for you


Whether you're facing big decisions around fertility treatment, planning/undergoing a cycle, or if you're trying to figure out the best next steps for you, a fertility coach may help provide clarity and support when you need it most. 


Take this short quiz to see if a fertility coach could be a good option for you.

What does ELANZA coaching involve?


  • 4 x 1-1 sessions with your Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Space to be heard, to make a plan, to action a plan, conveniently scheduled online to fit around the rest of your life. 

  • ​​Evidence-based skill-building workshops. Self-discovery exercises and tools to support your coaching sessions delivered straight to your inbox.

  • Access to the ELANZA library of wellness tools and exercises. Access to our growing platform of on-demand content focused on fertility wellness and personal growth.


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 25% discount for MATE patients ($90 off)

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Sessions with my ELANZA coach were like a series of epiphanies. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.


- ELANZA Member, Dec 2021

How does fertility coaching work?

While your medical team is there to provide clinical care, ELANZA fertility coaches are there for everything else.


With a special focus on fertility, reproductive health, and family building, an ELANZA coach can provide a judgment-free and supportive environment to help bring calm and clarity around the many factors that surround your fertility journey - from relationships, finances, career, family, and personal goals. 


During a series of 1-1 sessions, your Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach will hold space for you and your journey. They will provide tools and exercises that will peel away the pressures in your life in order to reveal deep personal insights and emotional relief that can transform your journey, your relationships, and your life. 

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Why work with a Board Certified Coach?



National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWCs) have had years of training to become leaders in their field. The NBC-HWC is nationally recognized as the standard of excellence for health and wellbeing coaching.


With a growing pool of unqualified "coaches," there is not a standardization of care. Board Certified Coaches give you peace of mind knowing that you are working with a trained professional. 


Board Certified Coaches spend years in a specialized, accredited training program, they must complete 50 coaching sessions and have an associate’s degree or higher or 4,000 hours work experience.


Board Certified Coaches are prepared to take on any number of fertility journies and life stages. They can adapt with you and support you no matter where the journey leads. 

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 25% discount for MATE patients ($90 off)

Use “MATE2022” at checkout to redeem this exclusive offer