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Expert Video: 1 Easy Way to Improve Fertility While You Wait

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Dr Diana Chavkin, a fertility specialist from HRC Fertility in Los Angeles, and co-founder of ELANZA Wellness, Brittany Hawkins, herself a former egg freezing patient, explain one simple thing you can do to optimize your fertility while you wait for treatment to begin while in quarantine.

In this Facebook Live video from 13th April 2020, Dr Chavkin starts by talking about the current state of fertility treatment, options for those stuck "waiting" in quarantine, before Brittany gives practical suggestions for swapping out canned goods for alternative options in the grocery aisle and explains the science behind BPA and other endocrine disruptors and fertility.

This video is part of a virtual fertility series HRC Fertility and ELANZA Wellness are running through the COVID-19 quarantine period.

In their next Facebook Live, Dr Chavkin and Brittany Hawkins will reveal more specific, proactive steps that you can take to enhance your egg quality while you wait for treatment to recommence and how tools in the ELANZA Wellness Fertility Fit™ app can help you get your eggs in the best shape possible from home.

To be notified with the date and time for that next informative Facebook Live, sign up to the ELANZA Wellness emailer below or follow ELANZA Wellness on Facebook.

You can also sign up to the ELANZA Wellness Fertility Fit™ app for free while you wait.


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