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What I Want You To Know About Supporting Patients Through Fertility Clinic Treatment: My Journey

A former fertility patient turned coach talks to ELANZA Wellness about her experiences, and what fertility clinics can learn about how to support people facing fertility struggles.

Whilst working as a lawyer, Emma Menzies spent 6 years in what she calls a "relentless" fertility journey. Her efforts to manage this alongside the other demands of her life and career ultimately led to burnout.

Emma spoke to Catherine Hendy from ELANZA about what she experienced on her journey through fertility care and how fertility care providers can do better to support the mental and emotional needs of the people they treat.

Listen to the Podcast Version.

Watch the Interview:

Emma Menzies is a former fertility clinic patient and employment lawyer, who retrained as a coach and NLP practitioner. Emma's practice, Ready Steady Coach, focuses on fertility at work and facilitating career fulfilment for professional women experiencing fertility challenges.

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