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Why This Top Doctor Thinks Fertility Coaching Is So Helpful for People Planning IVF or Egg Freezing

There's a lot on the table when it comes to fertility treatments like IVF and egg freezing.

90% of people facing fertility struggles experience depression or anxiety, according to one study, and many people say they feel overwhelmed with the jargon, choices and understanding potential lifestyle modifications that can influence success rates.

Dr. Alejandro Chavez-Badiani is a world-leading fertility doctor who has featured in the New Scientist, BBC and the New Yorker.

Here he explains to ELANZA Wellness why he believes fertility coaching is important for people to help with emotional and lifestyle aspects of fertility care and something he himself would want if he were undergoing fertility care:

Get to know Dr. Chavez-Badiola through his profile on the ELANZA Clinic Discovery portal here.


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