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Meet with a top Board Certified coach by video through the ELANZA platform. Access life-changing conversations and positive personal growth tools to help you create the life you choose.

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50% of stress comes from relationship and family challenges?

That's right. It's not just work. This stress covers everything from issues stemming from your health, your personal goals, your family, friends, and the ability to juggle it all. But it doesn't need to be this hard...

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What if a conversation could change everything?

Create the life you choose

In just 4-6 sessions, ELANZA reduced stress by 17%, without therapy or medical interventions 

Before ELANZA, a 2021 study found that participant stress levels were13% above that of someone diagnosed with cancer. After just 4-6 sessions with an ELANZA coach, their stress levels were reduced to just above the national average. 


People that felt clearer and more confident about their fertility journey after ELANZA coaching. 


Reduction in stress (PSS10) after ELANZA coaching without therapy or a medical intervention.


Members said they would be very likely or likely to recommend ELANZA to a friend or colleague.

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Some people need therapy, but most just need ELANZA

2 out of every 3 Americans say they are feeling overwhelmed. ELANZA coaches help you proactively take control at a time when structured self-care and accessing preventative support has never been more important.

Board certified ELANZA Coaches are highly trained to...

  • Manage stress and improve resilience

  • Offer a framework for emotional support

  • Help you build a path forward

  • Build a personalized wellness plan that adapts to your needs

I'm your dedicated ELANZA coach. Let's (940 × 940px) (1).png

My ELANZA coach is just a part of my life now. I have seen a therapist in the past but this was totally different. I was able unlock where my stress was coming from and how to manage it. Now, everything else has fallen into place. 

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- Crystal, 37
  ELANZA member

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Growth doesn't mean changing who you are

We believe that you are capable of wisdom, wonder and well-being in a way that is uniquely your own. Unlike other forms of coaching, we will never tell you what to do or how do do something (this also never works anyway). Instead, we have developed an evidence-based framework to help you fully develop into the person you were always meant to be. 

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