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ELANZA is a personalized wellness platform that helps people make more confident decisions around family, balance and the future.  

 ELANZA's comprehensive endometriosis care program brings medical, physical and emotional relief for people living with symptoms of endo. 

elanza wellness

Create the life you choose



Approach to solving the symptoms of endometriosis


FDA-approved medications prescribed by a doctor


Medical care and navigation at every stage of the process

Our values


We gain wisdom by combining evidence-based science with the hands-on insight that comes from experience. Information is not knowledge. And knowledge alone is not wisdom. 


We know that sometimes we must embrace complexity in order to get to the simplest solution.



We stand in awe of the deep mystery of life that sits at the center of every life journey. At the core of this mystery is the desire to tap into our most basic creative potential as humans.


We believe that by embracing what is unknowable with wonder, we can move through anxiety into a state of curiosity and gratitude. This is where the best creations come from.


Every problem has a unique answer and each life has its own path. Well-being arises when we approach situations with an open mind, knowing that where we started may not be where we end up.


When we stop chasing what we believe to be ‘the one right thing’ we become receptive to possibility and wholeness.

Green Leaves

Our goal is simple

At ELANZA, we are dedicated to improving people’s overall wellbeing by making evidence based reproductive healthcare accessible & affordable for all.


ELANZA is led by a team that cares deeply about 
comprehensive reproductive healthcare

Brittany Hawkins_ELANZA wellness CEO founder.jpg

Brittany Hawkins

Co-founder & CEO

catherine hendy elanza wellness techstars_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Catherine Hendy

Co-founder & COO

Erica Evans_Director of Coaching_ELANZA Wellness.jpg

Erica Evans

Director of Coaching


Alice Kuo

Platform & Data Lead


Shelby O'Keefe

Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach


Anne Krohn

Head of Growth


Emma Capulong

Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

lind-sae wilkes_elanza wellness coach.jpg

Lind-Sae Wilkes

Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach


Dominique Geyser

Marketing & Partnerships

Jennifer Marino_elanza wellness coach.jpg

Jennifer Marino

Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

pamela chamberlynn_elanza wellness coach.jpg

Pamela Chamberlynn

Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

dr jamie grifo_NYU Langone_ELANZA wellness advisor.jpg

Dr. Jamie Grifo

Medical Advisor

(NYU Langone)

Lynn Westphal_Advisor_ELANZA Wellness.jpg

Dr. Lynn Westphal

Medical Advisor


david jen_elanza wellness advisor.jpg

David Jen

Business Advisor

(Google X)