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A must-read for doctors and patients alike.

-- Dr. Carolyn Givens, Pacific Fertility Center, San Francisco

Everything Egg Freezing:
The Essential Step-by-Step Guide to Doing it Right

This essential guide helps you figure out whether egg freezing is right for you, what the process involves, and how to get Fertility Fit™ before treatment. Reading this is like having a dozen of the best fertility doctors and scientists from around the world giving you advice about your fertility, plus real stories from women who have experienced egg freezing firsthand.

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What you'll learn:

  • How egg freezing works & how effective it is

  • What is considered the “right age” to egg freeze

  • Unbiased tools to determine if egg freezing is right for you

  • How to find the best clinic

  • How to finance the procedure & how much it should cost

  • Comprehensive evidence on what you can do to get Fertility Fit™

  • What to expect physically and emotionally throughout treatment

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