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EverythingEndo app: Self-care on demand for endometriosis. Now live on Kickstarter!

EverythingEndo app gives you instant access to masterclasses, therapies, education, tracking and community for endo - 100% online. Now live on Kickstarter!

It's time! ELANZA Wellness's Kickstarter for our EverythingEndo app is now LIVE!

We've learnt a ton from working with our beta group, patient panel and more about how to create the best self-management app for endometriosis for anyone with a smartphone.

Now we're ready to put that into action and implement all the suggestions!

That means better features, better UX, better content, better tools for symptom relief at-home.

We know this has the opportunity to radically improve lives. Time for the endo community to come together and share your support and your voices!

Together we can make this project a reality! LET'S GO!

The Kickstarter runs until 24 February 2024.


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