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Patient Council Volunteer



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Volunteer (unpaid)

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At ELANZA Wellness, we offer virtual-first, empathetic care for people endometriosis. By providing people with a single source for fertility and family-building wellness, we can empower people to create their fullest life with intention.

We are seeking passionate individuals to join our Patient Council as volunteers for our virtual-first care platform dedicated to endometriosis. The Patient Council Volunteer will play a crucial role in improving care and shaping the development of our platform. This is an unpaid position that offers a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals affected by endometriosis and advance the quality of care they receive.

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis to build a multidisciplinary care team that not only represents the diversity of the society we live in, but that also have lived experience as and/or coaching experience with LGBTQIA+ people, Disabled people, Black and Indigenous people, and People of Color in their endometriosis journeys. We encourage BIPOC, Disabled, and LGBTQIA+ candidates to apply for this role so that together we can build an offering where we each find ourselves represented and supported.


We’re female-founded, venture-funded, and have recently graduated from Techstars NYC, the world’s preeminent startup accelerator. In order to become the number one digital destination for anyone facing confusion around their reproductive health and fertility journey, we’re building an ambitious team of coaching leaders that are truly passionate about what they do.

Our innovation-driven, fast-paced environment requires you to be adaptable, flexible, and collaborative as we build and grow. Our culture is extremely supportive, passionate, and committed to our mission. We take a dynamic approach to learning and we are constantly striving to improve our quality of care.

ELANZA Wellness is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. In fact, we are confident that the most inclusive and diverse teams accomplish the most extraordinary results.


  • Wisdom  - We gain wisdom by combining evidence-based science with the hands-on insight that comes from experience. Information is not knowledge. And knowledge alone is not wisdom. We know that sometimes we must embrace complexity in order to get to the simplest solution.

  • Wonder - We stand in awe of the deep mystery of life that sits at the center of every fertility journey. At the core of this mystery is the desire to tap into our most basic creative potential as humans: To create life, whether that’s one’s own life or bringing a new life into the world. To create family. We believe that by embracing what is unknowable with wonder, we can move through anxiety into a state of curiosity and gratitude. This is where the best creations come from.

  • Well-Being - Every problem has a unique answer and each life has its own path. Well-being arises when we approach situations with an open mind, knowing that where we started may not be where we end up. When we stop chasing what we believe to be ‘the one right thing’ we become receptive to possibility and wholeness.

About the Role

  • Provide Patient Perspective: Act as a voice for individuals living with endometriosis by sharing personal experiences, insights, and perspectives during council meetings and discussions.

  • Collaborate with the Team: Engage in regular virtual meetings with the platform team, including healthcare professionals, developers, and other stakeholders, to contribute to the ongoing development and improvement of the platform.

  • Advocate for Quality Care: Work collectively with other council members to identify areas for improvement in endometriosis care, both within the platform and the broader healthcare system, and propose actionable solutions.

  • Enhance Platform Features: Offer feedback and suggestions on platform features, functionality, and user experience to ensure it meets the specific needs and expectations of endometriosis patients.

  • Content Development: Provide input and contribute to the creation of educational materials, blog posts, articles, and other resources aimed at empowering endometriosis patients and raising awareness about the condition.

  • User Testing and Feedback: Participate in beta testing of new platform features and provide valuable feedback on their usability, effectiveness, and relevance.

  • Community Engagement: Actively participate in online forums, social media groups, and other virtual spaces to engage with endometriosis patients, answer questions, and provide support and encouragement.

  • Research and Advocacy: Stay updated on the latest advancements, research, and best practices in endometriosis care and contribute to advocacy efforts for improved patient outcomes.

As part of the ELANZA team you...

Have personal experience with endometriosis as a patient, family member, or caregiver is strongly preferred.

Have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to express ideas and perspectives clearly and empathetically.

Have the ability to collaborate effectively within a multidisciplinary team and contribute constructively to discussions and decision-making processes.

Have strong organizational and time management skills to balance council commitments with personal and professional responsibilities.

Have familiarity with virtual communication tools and online platforms to actively engage in remote discussions and activities.

Have passion for improving endometriosis care and advocating for the needs of patients.

Have the ability to maintain confidentiality and respect the privacy of fellow council members and platform users.


  • Opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals living with endometriosis.

  • Gain valuable insights into the development and operation of a virtual-first care platform.

  • Collaborate with a diverse team of professionals and patient advocates.

  • Expand knowledge of endometriosis care and related research.

  • Enhance communication and teamwork skills.

  • Networking opportunities with healthcare professionals, researchers, and patient communities.

  • Receive a discount for using the platform

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