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How can an ELANZA Wellness coach help you?

1-1 wellness coaching with a Board Certified ELANZA coach offers emotional health support during every phase of your life. Your coach will give you the clarity and confidence to create the life you choose. 

Find clarity

Identify your values and get support in creating a clear vision that is in alignment with them

Receive emotional support

ELANZA offers a safe and secure place to feel heard and to receive crucial emotional support

Make life decisions

Get a framework that helps you make challenging decisions, no matter how big or small

Reach personal goals

Coaching is focused on growth, in the direction that is completely personalized to you

Manage stress

Coaches are specially trained to help reduce stresses related to any aspect of your life so you can move forward

Find balance

Shake off the 'shoulds' and focus on a whole new balanced you, no matter how many things you're juggling

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Healthy Woman

It's amazing to have time focused on me, where we figure out what I really want, how to make my relationships healthier, and where I see my life going long term. My coach opened up my mind!


- ELANZA Member, Jan 2022

How ELANZA coaching works

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Begin with the 'Getting Started with ELANZA Coaching' plan, which includes 4 x one-on-one sessions. 

Schedule a Welcome session with a Board Certified ELANZA Coach, who will explain more about coaching and how ELANZA can work for you.

Your dedicated coach will continue to meet you for sessions, and you will receive further self-guided coaching tools from us. Each experience is custom to you, based on needs.

Happy Married Couple

Just in the first 4 sessions, the difference coaching has made is staggering across all aspects of my life. I really can't put into words how much my coach was a guiding light!


- ELANZA Member, Dec 2021

Common themes that arise in ELANZA coaching sessions

Figuring out if and when family fits in

Either exploring what “family” looks like to you or receiving support when creating a family (whatever that means to you!)

A Happy Family

Establishing boundaries and prioritizing self care

Learning how to practice self care when there is pressure from family, a partner, work, etc. 

Baby Yoga