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Endometriosis Fertility
Index (EFI) Quiz

The Endometrial Fertility Index (EFI) is a valuable tool used to assess the likelihood of unassisted conception after endometriosis surgery. And, it could also be an indicator of the likelihood of success for In-vitro Fertilization (IVF). 


The EFI normally takes into account two sets of inputs - one set is from the patient and the other is from the doctor who has conducted the surgery. But, even without specific details from your doctor, the EFI can still provide valuable insights to guide treatment decisions. With this simple scoring tool, you can look at what you may expect in terms of a timeline for unassisted conception. (See the chart below to calculate your own trajectory).

It is important to note that the EFI is specifically tailored to individuals who do not require assisted reproduction for other reasons, such as blocked fallopian tubes or severely low sperm count. For such patients, the estimated success rates from the EFI may not be applicable.

Overall, the EFI serves as a helpful tool for both patients and medical professionals in understanding the potential impact of endometriosis on fertility and making informed decisions about the best course of treatment.

Interpreting your results

Use your score and match it up with the chart below to find out what your odds of conception may be over the given time period. This is helpful to match up with your age and fertility timeline in case you want to seek out assisted conception options. 

Endo Fertility Index.png

Data pulled from: Adamson GD, Pasta DJ: Endometriosis fertility index: the new, validated endometriosis staging system.

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