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Reduce burden on your staff by offering emotional support for patients

Refer your patients to ELANZA's integrated patient care solution. Offer 1:1 emotional support though a HIPAA-compliant platform with Board Certified Health & Wellness coaches. 

ELANZA's specialist wellness coaching integrates with your Fertility Pro EMR (at no cost to you), driving patient retention and patient satisfaction while reducing clinical time and staff burden

How it works

Opt-in for the 'Wellness Center' in Fertility Pro

The Wellness Center shows up in your patient portal, available for booking by your patients


Patients get specialized wellness coaching

Your patients can book to meet with Board Certified, specially trained coaches that adapt to their specific needs

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You improve patient retention, satisfaction

Reducing stress during fertility treatment can improve retention by 30%. Reduce staff burnout and save clinical time

Mother with her Baby


We only accept 2% of the top Board Certified Coaches and we still add on specialized training around fertility, reproductive health, family, and balance. 

These are not your average wellness coaches. They have spent years gaining their Board Certification under the most prominent and evidence-based certification regime, they have passed through the many hoops it takes to become an ELANZA coach, and they receive ongoing training and workshopping to maintain the highest level of expertise, inclusivity, and compassion for every journey. 

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Take the burden off your staff. Refer patients to ELANZA for specialized emotional support

ELANZA's personalized wellness programs are specially formulated to help patients manage the most challenging aspects of treatment. ​

  • Pregnancy loss

  • Failed cycles

  • Unanticipated outcomes

  • Relationship issues

  • Hormonal surges