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Let's Get Fertility Fit™

Did you know that there are key lifestyle modifications that can enhance the quality of your eggs? ELANZA's Fertility Fit™ app combines them all into one, easy-to-use app that will empower you with the right information and support throughout every stage of your fertility treatment journey. 

The only tool to help you navigate egg freezing, from start to end.

We are offering the Fertility Fit™ pilot program for FREE

while all new, non-urgent fertility treatments are suspended 

in light of the COVID-19 pandemic



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Based on science

Based on evidence from more than 3,000 medical journals, combined with the insights of 25 fertility experts and personal experiences from dozens of women that have frozen their eggs.


ELANZA's Fertility Fit™ program addresses five key areas that are scientifically shown to have an effect on your egg quality and fertility treatment outcome. 

Seamlessly integrated

into your fertility treatment journey

ELANZA's Fertility Fit™ program is recommended by fertility doctors as a complementary addition to their clinical care. The program coincides with each stage of your fertility journey, with digital tools to optimize outcomes and enhance your overall experience.


This is an in-your-pocket coach no egg freezing patient should be without!

Pre-Treatment Egg Preparation

Follow a personalized fertility plan that will empower you to make positive choices that can influence your outcome.

Stimulation Phase Support

Receive day-by-day insight and encouragement around what you can expect and how to navigate your way through treatment.

Post-Retrieval Counseling 

After retrieval, it can be hard to know what to do next. Our counseling tools will help make a decision that’s right for you.

We're developing a new paradigm for 360° fertility patient care

Why does this matter?

Better Outcomes

The science is clear: lifestyle choices can impact the quality of your eggs. This could be THE difference between the treatment working, or not. 

Better Experiences

We are giving you the keys to help control your own experience, rather than letting the course of treatment control you. 

Less Stress

Guidance and emotional support go beyond the clinical. Get the information and support you need at each stage of treatment. 

"5% of fertility cycles are ruined because of injection user error."



What you get by joining


Daily podcasts from your fertility coach, with tips, reminders and exclusive how-tos to help you get your eggs in the best shape.


A community of likeminded women to share your worries, questions and insights - feel part of the global sisterhood.


A network of accredited professionals (such as specialist therapists) you can call on if you need a top-up in one area.

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Selected fertility doctors and clinics can apply to offer the Fertility Fit program to their egg freezing patients for FREE! 


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