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Joey Coppedge

Fertility Nutrition Tele-Coach

I've worked in the wellness industry for just under a decade. Helping people identify their roadblocks to set them up for empowered, healthy futures is the greatest gift I could every hope for!

Qualifications & training

Precision Nutrition Certified Nutritionist. Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy from LMU-München


- Energy balance
- Insulin/blood sugar regulation
- Habit replacement
- Facilitating behavior change
- Weight management
- Disease prevention

I decided to become a fertility nutritionist because…

My husband and I will have kids soon and I’m passionate about preventing the avoidable diseases that the medical community isn’t always set up to holistically prevent. But really, I sorta just fell into it. At a certain point, a handful of my nutrition clients had either gotten pregnant or expressed that they were planning on doing so. So I shifted my focus to investigate the nutritional needs they would require to avoid common adverse outcomes. Reducing the risk of miscarriage, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, etc. is the first part of the equation. But setting up an intended mother for thriving fetal development and staying vigilant of her own personal health is a completely different and often missed opportunity.

Women undergoing egg freezing would benefit from fertility nutrition coaching because...

Pregnancy is the time-frame for fetal development when your health has the biggest impact on theirs. But if the quality of your eggs is determined by the number of eggs produced in a single cycle, then your nutritional health will greatly impact the number of cycles you’ll have to go through (and pay for). In the US, patients ages 35-37 will go through 4.3 cycles. That’s 4.3 multiplied by $12k each + cost of medication. For patients whose BMI is over 30, the chance (and cost) of cycle cancelation is 83% higher. But reducing BMI can increase ovulation by both quantity and quality. Whether your weight is a risk factor or not, managing your nutritional health will also have a major genetic impact of prenatal development later on once you decide to proceed with your family planning. Mastering those health behaviors is more important now than ever.

The type of clients that get the most benefit from my services are…

Women who are overweight, obese, or are interested in optimizing their health. Age aside, PCOS, diabetes, insulin resistance, etc. typically result in reduced ovulation. Since we know that patients with overweight and obesity are at the highest risk, reducing BMI has the greatest chance of improving fertility outcomes. However, the negative impact of inadequate diet doesn’t always manifest as weight gain. “Healthy-weight” women can experience reduced ovulation based on their diet as well so anyone planning their families now will benefit from evaluating their relationship with food and lifestyle.

My approach/philosophy about fertility nutrition is…

I believe that we put too much emphasis on will-power and intention when considering changes to our health, life, and future. The truth is, our habits are much more hard-wired and powerful than we give them credit for. Even bad habits that we actively try to avoid (eating because we’re upset, skipping lunch because it’s easier, sleeping in), we find ourselves defiantly performing. These habits have been well-established over time, stimulated by recurring cues and fortified by ease and instant gratification. So regardless of your intentions, your habits will always out-perform your will-power. We can circumvent this vicious cycle using behavior change psychology in coaching.

The sort of information/insights you expect to get out of a session with me are…

You can expect a deeper understanding of what you’re doing wrong and what to do instead. Skirting the gravity of your current habits requires taking things one step at a time and not trying to fix it all at once. Success requires ease and frequency so we’ll pick a regular day to meet 3-4 times per month via video calls to introduce small doses of habit change to your daily life. This reduces your chances of burn-out and increases your chances of sustaining lasting behavior change.

Session structure and pricing:

$2,000 = 6-month minimum. $3,000 = For 2 partners.

Special pricing for ELANZA members:

Concentrated programming + 10% off $900 = 3-month minimum. $1,300 = For 2 partners.

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