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Kaitlyn Noble

Wellness Coach, Los Angeles

I'm a Certified Pilates Instructor and Nutrition Coach. I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them reset their mindset, and teach them how to balance food choices.

Qualifications & training

Pilates Technique Certification Program in Los Angeles and Precision Nutrition Certification


Pre and post natal pilates and nutrition, weight loss, intuitive eating

I decided to become a fertility nutritionist because…

I am passionate about helping women find health through movement and food

Women undergoing egg freezing would benefit from fertility nutrition coaching because...

Building a healthy body through nutrition and movement is proven to support fertility in a positive way.

The type of clients that get the most benefit from my services are…

Women who need guidance with both mindset and how to make healthy choices.

My approach/philosophy about fertility nutrition is…

To eat whole foods but never approach eating in a restrictive way. Food is a source of nutrition, but also something that we should enjoy.

The sort of information/insights you expect to get out of a session with me are…

Flexibility, digging into past blockers, and creating a plan that is focused on longevity, not perfection.

Session structure and pricing:

I charge $500 for a full Coaching Program.

Special pricing for ELANZA members:

I'd like to offer ELANZA members $100 off (so $400). This includes:
- 60-75 minute initial meeting and assessment
- 3 additional 30-minute calls (to be scheduled weekly) to check in on progress
- Detailed weekly menu planning with recipes + grocery lists for 4 weeks
- Personalized PDF outlining recommendations, menus, and workouts; sent within 48-hours of initial assessment
- Unlimited access via text with questions between sessions
- Mindset coaching to develop intuitive eating

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