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Christie Lamont

IVF Florida Reproductive Associates

Patient Services Manager


Infertility can feel very isolating, and patients should know they are not alone.

1. To you, what’s the best part of your job?:
The best part of my job at IVF Florida is accompanying our patients on their unique fertility journey. Through the good and bad times, it’s so fulfilling to be able to be there for them throughout the process. Whether they need to vent, cry (happy or sad tears) or laugh, being able to support our patients is the best part. And of course, when they have their dreams fulfilled and they bring their beautiful miracles back to our office – that is the best perk!

2. What is something that you think contributes to excellent care?:
Empathy. Truly trying to understand this rollercoaster of an experience our patients are going through allows us to understand the proper way to communicate and treat them. We may never have to walk in their shoes, but if we try, even just a little bit, to put ourselves in their position, we can communicate in a softer and more understanding way.

3. What motivated you to join this field?:
Knowing the importance of the work we do to help our patients achieve their dream of a family. As well as being able to work hand-in-hand and watch some of the best physicians in the industry is wonderfully educational.

4. The Whole Patient Care approach suggests these things should be considered: mental and emotional health; lifestyle factors; patient-centric operations and diversity, equity & inclusion. Does one or more of these areas specifically resonate with you as a powerful way to improve patient care? And if so, why?:
All of these are so very important. Currently, it seems as though mental and emotional health is on the top of the list. The challenges that COVID has presented have added to the already fragile situation that our patients are experiencing. The added stress of revised protocols and processes during this time has had a clear impact on our patients.

5. What is the most important piece of advice, or tip, you can give to all people facing fertility struggles out there?:
Infertility can feel very isolating, and patients should know they are not alone. At IVF Florida, we are a team of compassionate healthcare professionals. We want you to feel as though we are part of your family. When you go through this process, you have a strong support team rooting you on every step of the way.

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