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Could you have endometriosis?

The Endometriosis Screening Quiz is a helpful tool designed to provide an initial assessment of your symptoms and experiences related to endometriosis. By answering a series of questions about the severity and duration of menstrual pain, pelvic discomfort, changes in bowel habits, menstrual flow, pain during intercourse, family history, fertility struggles, chronic fatigue, and urinary issues during periods, the quiz calculates a cumulative score. The higher the score, the more likely it indicates a potential presence of endometriosis.


While the quiz serves as an initial screening tool, it cannot provide a definitive diagnosis. However, it can offer valuable insights that can provide you with the confidence to seek professional medical advice promptly.


If the quiz indicates a moderate to high likelihood of endometriosis, it serves as a crucial signal to consult with a healthcare professional, such as a gynecologist or endometriosis specialist, who can conduct further examinations, diagnostic tests, and tailor a comprehensive treatment plan based on individual needs. Early detection and intervention can lead to timely management, better outcomes, and improved quality of life for those affected by endometriosis.

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