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3 fertility boosting yoga videos to help you prepare for egg freezing

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

It's official: your lifestyle can impact your fertility, so preparing your body and mind is a great idea if you're planning on freezing your eggs (and want to maintain your natural fertility for as long as possible).

Yoga has been shown to improve fertility and reduce anxiety, which makes it the ideal way to gently shape up and unwind as you approach the procedure. But we know it's not always possible to get down to a class, and trying to remember the moves and make your way through a sequence all by yourself can be more stressful than not doing it at all! That's why we love using online yoga videos to fit in a practice.

If you're new to yoga and don't feel ready to dive into a full class, this Yoga for Fertility & Menstrual Health video by British fertility yoga guru and author of Yoni Shakti, Uma Dinsmore Tuli, breaks down a series of postures that feel good and support reproductive health all in one go.

And here are 3 classes you can do online, in the comfort of your own living room, and best of all, for FREE:


Led by: Dr. Jennifer Kulp-Makarov from Hope Fertility and Yoga Guru Lisa Pineda

Duration: 25 minutes

Best for: Incorporating medical advice


Led by: Australian yoga instructor, Bettina Ray

Duration: 10 minutes

Best for: When you're short on time


Led by: Jill Foubister, prenatal yoga instructor

Duration: 40 minutes

Best for: When you have time to fit in a full class

For support trying to conceive get ELANZA video-based coaching today:

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