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5 Hashtags That Will Help You Stay Fertility Fit™ During Self-isolation

Updated: May 12, 2020

The #StayAtHome movement is an incredible, collective effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

But, along with ASRM recommendations for pausing fertility treatments, it also means frustrating - even heartbreaking - delays to fertility plans and an extra dose of anxiety if you were planning to try to get pregnant (whether assisted or unassisted) or to do egg freezing soon.

So if you are looking to stay healthy, de-stress and make sure you're in tip top shape for when clinics DO open again (keeping everything crossed that's super soon) —here’s our round-up of the hashtags to search next time you're scrolling Insta to help keep you in the right place physically and emotionally, via the virtual community who are experiencing the same thing:

There has literally never been a better time to find an online workout -- on Instagram alone there are nearly half a MILLION workout videos ready to get you moving! There's something for everyone, whatever your passion or fitness level, or your bodily or time restrictions.

While we're all trapped indoors for most (/all...) hours of the day, it's time to get inventive, clear a little space in the living room and think digital.

Just remember that the science points to moderate exercise several times a week as the "optimal zone" sweet spot for egg health — so although it might be tempting to use your time in isolation to become the next Iron Woman, instead just try mixing in cardio with gentle, stress-busting workouts like fertility yoga and don't forget to have at least one rest day per week to allow your body to recover.

It's easy to think the gloves are off when you're at home and away from your regular routine. But given that right now you're likely to be a bit less active than normal in #selfisolation or #socialdistancing, then it's good idea to make sure your meals are as healthy as possible to maintain an optimal calories in/calories out balance.

Not only that, but keeping your meals nutritious, colourful and bursting with vegetables and other nourishing fertility-friendly ingredients will help give your immune system a boost.

Searching #FertilityDiet will give you plenty of inspiration for optimising your fertility through your food - especially important if your usual go-tos aren't possible thanks to the cupboards and stores running a little bare!

For many people, self-isolation also involves being cut off from regular face-to-face contact with the support system in their lives.

Thankfully, we live in a time of incredible connectivity, and it's amazing that you can have friends or family members be there for you whatever the time, day or night.

But that's not always possible. And sometimes, social media comes into its own, too.

The global community of people using the FertilityJourney hashtag are active all the time, and know EXACTLY what you're facing -- because they're facing it too!

Never underestimate the power of a little comments section camaraderie in a low or lonely moment.

We'll be posting under this hashtag with tips, advice, inspo and content from our very own Fertility Fit™ program -- so you can get the best out of your "down time" and turn it into egg priming time.

If you want to next-level your preparations and use social distancing as opportunity to get yourself in the best physical position and frame of mind before your treatment (or to maintain your natural fertility), you can go a step further and sign up to our Fertility Fit™ app today here.

We've rolled forward the app's release thanks to demand from women whose treatments have been delayed, and we're keeping it entirely FREE during the COVID-19 outbreak as a gesture of #togetherness at this time : )

And finally, when it all gets a little too much and you can't watch the news for one more minute without imploding...there's memes.

Give yourself some lightness with laughter...the best kind of stress-reliever there is...


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