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A Baby Is About To Be Born In An Unheated Ukraine Bomb-shelter Amid Gun-fire: We Need Your Help.

Our team at ELANZA Wellness, the fertility coaching platform, is partnering with Friends of UNFPA to urgently raise $100K for the UN's sexual reproductive health agency (UNFPA) this International Women's Day, 8 March. Here's how to help...

We are calling on a community of 100 sexual, reproductive, fertility and FemTech startups, scale-ups, clinics and investors globally to join us today and donate $1K each.
Individual donations are also welcome.

Donate now directly to the appeal on the Friends of UNFPA secure site and please share this campaign widely:

(Friends of UNFPA has a 4/4 top transparency rating. Contributions are US tax-deductible.)

"Praying for a break in gunfire"

Elina Brynza is 39 weeks pregnant - due to give birth in just 1 week.

She is no longer decorating the nursery to welcome their new baby.

Now, all she's thinking about is how she will give birth in the middle of a war zone.

"I'm afraid," Elina told an ABC news reporter. "How we can get to the hospital? I don't know how that will be. Today we went to the hospital and they are also afraid, and they don't know what will be tomorrow or in two hours in our city."

Reproductive Health and the Ukraine Conflict

Reproductive health services for Ukrainians - as for those living in and fleeing from many other war-afflicted regions - have collapsed.

As you read this, reports are emerging of people giving birth in border queues and temporary refugee shelters.

Parents are struggling to care for vulnerable new babies.

People are cut off from essential medicines for infections and chronic conditions.

Sexual and reproductive healthcare needs dramatically escalate during conflicts. Amidst the chaos of survival, vital healthcare services crumble.

Not only that, but sexual violence against vulnerable people also surges.

It is winter in Ukraine; bombs are falling.

While Elina remains near her home, hundreds of thousands more people have fled their homes and are finding what shelter they can in makeshift refugee camps.

The United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency (UNFPA) urgently needs funds to sustain and scale vital sexual and reproductive health services for Ukrainians at a time when healthcare is collapsing.

Particularly critical is the situation for pregnant and breastfeeding people who can no longer access basic services, such as life-saving prenatal and postnatal care or safe childbirth options.

Imagine hearing gunfire as your baby lies in a neonatal intensive care unit.
Imagine you are scheduled for a cesarean section that may never come, as troops advance towards the hospital.
Imagine you are enduring painful cystitis and fear sepsis if you can’t access medication.

Even simply imagine sanitarily managing a heavy menstrual period in the dehumanizing conditions of a makeshift refugee camp.

How You Can Help

This International Women's Day we ask:

"What will we do about it?"

From far away, in safe cities, it's easy to feel like it's not our war, that there is nothing we can do.

There is....

The UNFPA has been working in Ukraine for decades.

Its staff are on the ground ready to stay and scale delivery of essential medicines, supplies and services to ensure that life-saving reproductive healthcare, psychosocial support and comprehensive care for survivors of gender-based violence is sustained.

To do that they require our donations.


Every dollar you give is used efficiently to mobilize further funds and actions for UNFPA’s lifesaving work.

It receives the full 4/4 stars fromCharity Navigatorfor accountability and transparency.

Donations will be used to support women and girls in Ukraine and other emergencies around the world.

Thank you for your assistance.

For more information contact:


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