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Egg freezing explained: 3 experts answer "what age should I freeze my eggs?" and other questions

Updated: May 12, 2020

The beautiful space of the Allbright members' club in West Hollywood recently played host to a "Fertility Forecasting" workshop for women considering their future fertility options.

Led by ELANZA Wellness co-founder and co-author of Everything Egg Freezing, Brittany Hawkins, the attendees were guided through a number of practical exercises before a special Q&A session with fertility specialists Dr Diana Chavkin and Dr Alison Peck from LA's HRC Fertility.

Here are some of the audience's questions being answered by the expert panel:

What's the best age to freeze my eggs?

There is no "right" answer for this but having a fertility doctor's opinion can help you shape your own thinking around what age you might want to consider it.

"I like using the 36-37 age point because I think it's realistic and doable for women" - Dr. Alison Peck, HRC Fertility

How long can I leave my eggs frozen?

How many years you can keep eggs frozen for is a big question for many women exploring whether or not they should do the procedure.

"As far as we know, it's indefinite." Dr. Chavkin, HRC Fertility

I'm in my late thirties: what's my next move?

A woman in the audience who says she is "turning 37" asks the doctors' opinion on what the best steps would be for her to check out her fertility.

"The first thing you can do is get some ovarian testing to see 'Where am I at?'" - Dr. Alison Peck, HRC Fertility

What's the process like?

It's hard to know what to expect from an egg freezing cycle! Dr Diana Chavkin whizzes the audience through a step-by-step 3 minute overview of the process:

Should I start with an at-home fertility test, go to my OBGYN, or straight to a fertility clinics?

Often the first step is the hardest one to figure out...and lots of women wonder how to even begin the egg freezing journey.

Dr Chavkin and Dr Peck answer this big question by saying there's no reason to face it alone and not to go to a fertility clinic first off, especially as it will be useful to have a specialist there to interpret test results and demystify the process.

[LA ladies: quote 'ELANZA' when booking to receive a free consultation at HRC Fertility with Dr Chavkin or Dr Peck]

Why might my OBGYN not the best person to talk to about egg freezing?

An audience member revealed that her ObGyn had "shut down" her question about egg freezing, and she wanted to know why.

Panelists Dr Diana Chavkin and Dr Alison Peck from HRC Fertility, and Everything Egg Freezing co-author Brittany Hawkins offer their thoughts on this scenario...

"Your ObGyn may not know how to counsel you around egg freezing." - Brittany Hawkins, Co-Author, Everything Egg Freezing

How do I pay for egg freezing?

Dr Diana Chavkin and Dr Alison Peck explain some ways in which egg freezing can be more affordable...

What to consider when picking a fertility doctor?

ELANZA Wellness co-founder Brittany Hawkins explains why it is so important to seek a range of opinions when exploring fertility treatment like egg freezing...

Read more about the ELANZA Wellness Fertility Forecasting workshop.


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