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Everything you need to know about egg freezing, with the Big Fat Negative podcast

Big Fat Questions

What does egg freezing actually involve? How much does it cost? How do you pick a clinic? What are some top tips from a woman who has done it?

Co-host of Big Fat Negative, Emma Forsyth, dives into all these questions and more with ELANZA Wellness co-founder Catherine Hendy in the recent episode of the hit podcast (series 3, episode 8, titled: Egg Freezing and Agnus Castus.)

Listen now

Click the image below to listen to the podcast on Acast. You can also listen on Spotify or Apple.

Emma and Catherine recorded the podcast in London just prior to the Coronavirus lockdown, so they were able to meet in person (over coffee and macarons!) to discuss the who, what, why and how of egg freezing.

They cover everything from Catherine's personal egg freezing experience (which led to her co-writing the book Everything Egg Freezing) to why more and more women around the world are exploring the procedure.

About Big Fat Negative

Big Fat Negative is a podcast about IVF, infertility and the trials of trying for a baby.

Co-hosts, friends and journalists by journalists Emma and Gabriella share their own stories of the not-so-simple journey to motherhood, and interview a range of experts on all things infertility.

Big Fat negative host Emma and ELANZA Wellness cofounder Catherine Hendy
Emma Forsyth from Big Fat Negative (L) and Catherine Hendy from ELANZA Wellness (R)

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