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As Fertility Treatments Soar, ELANZA Wellness Launches Clinic Discovery Tool, Backed by Top Doctors

Our new clinic discovery website is fast becoming the new best place for people to find a fertility doctor they feel confident and comfortable with.

At a time when scientists predict most couples may have to use assisted reproduction by 2045, at ELANZA Wellness we have partnered with a wave of fertility clinics embracing innovation and focused on driving better patient experiences.

Taking inspiration from dating sites, the clinic discovery directory takes an overwhelming process and creates a more engaging, personality-led experience that showcases the humans behind the numbers in fertility care.

Our co-founder and CEO Brittany Hawkins, who started the ELANZA after her own experiences of searching for fertility care, said: “Choosing the right care provider is a critical first step - but ‘right’ means something different to all of us.”

More than success rates

70% of patients who have undergone fertility treatment say that finding a clinic that “fits” their personality and unique needs is the most important factor when picking a clinic and a more important differentiator to them than success rates and cost, which increasingly tend to converge around industry standards.

“For most clinics, you're going to have very similar success rates. What's more important is that you get what you need to succeed for you as a unique individual,” said Carolyn Givens, MD, a fertility specialist at launch partner Pacific Fertility Center in San Francisco.

Despite more digital search options available for people to locate medical services online, these are often presented as static lists of facts and miss the critical human chemistry element, which ELANZA conveys through curated multimedia resources.

“I personally think that looking at success rates is completely bogus when you're trying to evaluate a fertility clinic. Success rates...are so standardized these days,” said Gabriel Bogner, co-founder of MATE Fertility, another launch partner. “You want to look more at the qualitative data...I think it needs to be switched around from ‘this is the number’ to ‘what was the overall patient experience?”

More agency for each individual

Additionally, the volume of options presented in conventional ‘yellow pages’ approaches to search listings can lead to ‘analysis by paralysis,’ according to surveys, which can delay care by several months and cause unnecessary expenditure as people book consultations at multiple clinics in order to understand more about the ethos, personality and individual approach of care providers. The discovery platform brings efficiency, energy and more agency to the process.

“We are excited to give people the opportunity to pre-vet doctors on areas that actually matter most to them, whilst cutting through some of the meaningless data points that often make the process stress-inducing.” says Hawkins. “It’s our goal to further develop this out into a truly simple and engaging ‘doctor dating’ experience where everyone can find a great match without having to invest so much time and money meeting with multiple doctors.”

The directory is now live in beta release for clinic searches in California, New York/New Jersey and other key locations with a host of leading-edge fertility clinic partners including Fertility Cloud, Kindbody, Mate Fertility, Pacific Fertility Center, Western Fertility Institute and more.

Ready to find a fertility clinic match? Visit the directory now to get started!


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