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Unexpected things you can find on the internet that lower stress

Updated: Jan 18, 2023


If you feel mellow, fulfilled and 100% content with your life all the time, you're doing something right. For the rest of us who need quick and easy ways to reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm from time to time, read on...

Three quarters of Americans surveyed said that they would "do anything" to experience ONE stress-free day, according to results from a new study.

10% also said they couldn't remember the last time they did not feel stressed.

Given we've jumped out of a pandemic frying pan into a cost of living fire, with soaring inflation and mortgage rates, is this surprising?

The American Psychological Association has warned we're heading into a mental and emotional health 'crisis.'

At ELANZA, we hang our hat on the fact our emotional wellness platform is shown by clinical measure to reduce stress without medication or a medical intervention.

So we're obviously big believers that getting professional support is always a good idea. But that isn't always in everyone's time, money or situational reality.

Here are a few other tricks to keep up your sleeve...

1. Watch this beaver eating cabbage:


2. Switch on Planet Earth...or Snoop Dogg's reaction to it


"Is they mongooses?!"

Or for that matter any other show that TIME rates as The Most Calming, Anxiety-Free Content. While true crime, heavy documentaries, horror and suspense thrillers have there place, if your cortisol is already high on the charts then thinking tactically about your viewing by aiming for light shows, comedy and calming nature series is a smart move.

3. Game your stress away...


Gaming isn't all machine guns, car chases and zombies. To hack your nervous system and start to wind down your fight or flight response, you're going to want to hold off on the noisy soundtrack, explosions and competitive leaderboard.

Check out what PCGamesN calls The Best Relaxing Games in 2022, like calming underwater floating experience Abzu, or HouseFlipper (which is like The SIMS but for home improvement and better graphics.)

You could even start with Wordle...


Experience ELANZA for easy, professional support to reduce stress and make positive changes, from home.

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