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Stop living in pain from endometriosis 

Endo is hard. Getting support doesn't need to be. ELANZA is a digital platform that helps you better manage endo symptoms from the comfort of home. Holistic, whole body therapies personalized to you.

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No download required, ELANZA works from any web browser.

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From physio and nutrition to trauma support,
find the right therapies for you

not sure if you have endo?

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5 star review

ELANZA really helped me reduce the anxiety of waiting to get my period every month. I'd tried every painkiller in the book, but now my flare ups  are massively less intense. I'm in a much better mindset a I'm not constantly fearful. Thank you."

- JO B. (Beta member)

elanza helps you:

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Understand your endo: triggers, symptoms, latest research and options


Find relief: on demand classes and therapies to address the physical and mental challenges of endo

Track & Communicate: to doctors, insurance, employer, to get a correct diagnosis or treatment faster


Start experiencing relief today



Start your free trial in less than 5min

Answer a few questions about your symptoms and your long term goals around where you are in your journey. Start your 30-day free trial to start working towards feeling short and long term relief!

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Get immediate tools for symptom relief

Get immediate access to therapeutic classes and educational tools that meet you wherever you are right now in your endometriosis journey. We'll adapt content and tools to your needs as your journey evolves. 


Track your progress towards a better quality of life

We take a whole person care approach, which means that we support both the physical and emotional aspects of endometriosis. Tracking your progress allows you to streamline your pathway to relief by knowing what works best for you.

Holistic endo treatments
you can access from home

Did you know there are 22 evidence-based ways to manage endo? ELANZA educates and provides you with all of them. That's because living with endo can not only affect your body, but your mindset, relationships, intimacy and self image, finances and goals, and more - which is why our care engine and adaptive treatments you can do from home are designed to support every area of life.


Nutrition Classes


Yoga for Endo


Art Therapy



Pain Relief


(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)



And more...

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5 star review

After I got started on ELANZA, I was able to try out a bunch of specialist classes that helped me find what works for me. It took a huge burden off of me both mentally and physically.

- Annie M. (Beta member)


In-app tracking that understands the bigger picture

This isn't a period tracking app. Our unique ELANZA Endo Insights Tracker, based on Oxford University's Endometriosis Health Profile (EHP), helps you and your medical team understand the bigger picture, covering all physical and psychosocial symptoms that affect daily life with endo. Learn more about the science behind ELANZA's full spectrum approach to symptom tracking. 

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Our care engine personalizes suggestions to your chosen goal and daily mood

Most trackers have you input your data and stop there. With ELANZA, you can use in-app therapies and classes to actually do something about the insights you're gaining. We put the tools to feel better in the palm of your hand, personalized to you. Reduce flare ups, figure out your individual triggers, manage stress and anxiety, improve sleep and wake up to more symptom free days.

Here's what people told us they
want help with most.

Thank you to everyone who answered our endo survey or did an interview with our team. We've built ELANZA to address real lives and real needs. And we'll keep listening to our community.

Fitness Training

elanza helps with

Reducing pain
without pills

Hormonal birth control worked for me for a while, but now it's not giving me relief anymore. I feel like I'm back at square one and I don't want to keep trying different pills. My insurance won't cover surgery. I want to try physiotherapy, changing my diet and other things but it's expensive and hard to find good providers where I live.

Happy Teenager

elanza helps with

Mental health

 There's a trauma aspect for me with everything happening. Sometimes flare ups are really scary and just overwhelming. Other times it's manageable, but I don't plan anything social in case. Having a community where I know that I'm not alone in that and having mental health techniques that help me shift the narrative are so important.

Pregnant Woman

elanza helps with

Body image
& endo belly

None of my clothes fit properly and I feel self conscious undressing in front of my partner, which affects our sex life on top of the discomfort I get. I just don't want to be intimate with him and I feel guilty about it. The worst thing, though, is the irony of walking around looking six months pregnant when I'm actually worried about my fertility.

Yoga Pose
5 star review

Endometriosis made me feel so isolated. I had 3 surgeries with little relief. ELANZA changed that. It felt like such a relief to be able explore how I'm feeling and change my relationship to my pain rather than searching for a simple answer to cure it that may not exist.

- Esme, C. (BETA MEMBER)

You don't have to be a statistic anymore.

valuable at-home relief

Before using ELANZA, members said they spent an average of $13k per year on things to manage endo.

Our goal is to help you manage your endo symptoms more affordably, from physical pain and fatigue, to mental health, sex and relationships. 

Affordable monthly subscriptions

Our monthly subscription is designed for affordable, long-term support. Our library of 100s of specialist sessions and ongoing schedule of group events and masterclasses give you tools and guidance to navigate your endometriosis journey with more confidence and control. 

Cancel anytime, no questions asked.


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Therapeutic classes



+ Live community classes

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+ 1:1 Care Coach calls

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WHAt's included

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Feel seen, heard and supported,
every step of the way

Learn more about endometriosis