Madeleine Katz


San Francisco


I am a psychologist specializing in women's and reproductive health including fertility, third party reproduction, and perinatal mood disorders.

I got my qualifications and did my training at...

The California School of Professional Psychology

My approach is...

I work almost exclusively with folks who have been through some part of the family building journey, whether they are starting to consider freezing their gametes or have a five year old carried via surrogacy. I approach psychotherapy relationally, meaning I will relate to you in the room as a real person. We will talk through your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and make sense of them together. A sense of humor never hurt anyone, either.

I work in fertility because...

"I thrive in the intersection between medicine and psychology, and love to work with individuals who find themselves in the same place. My patients feel supported by working with a psychologist who understands the medical field and the fertility jargon, as this allows them to speak freely and not have to explain or educate me on their treatments and procedures.

Fertility issues are, sometimes, the first time that feelings of anxiety and depression arise to an unmanageable level. I find that tackling this ""brand"" of feelings--feelings that were once easy to manage but are now difficult-- particularly worthwhile as, there is typically a path through the forest. "

I'm interested in helping women undergoing egg freezing because...

You have a really good reason for wanting to freeze but may not feel resolved about the why behind the decision. Your future thinkers and maybe a little anxious about it. I have a gentle way of helping individuals work through the sticking points unique to their life, which, combined with a wealth of general knowledge, lead to introspection, positive growth and acceptance.

I use the following techniques...

Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Culturally Sensitive Therapy, Feminist Psychotherapy

Other things I specialize in are...

Anxiety, Depression, Gender Identity, LGBTQ Issues, Life transitions, Self-Esteem, Sexual Identity, Sexual Problems, Stress, White Privilege/Fragility, Women's Issues

I believe optimizing lifestyle and accessing emotional support are important during fertility treatment because...

We are complex individuals and fertility isn't simply about our ovaries.

My interests outside of work are...

Dancing lindy hop, cooking from Ottolenghi and walking through the city.

Something you might not expect about me is that...

I find great value in humor.

I offer treatment in the following formats...

Currently, telehealth. Outside shelter-in-place, I prefer in-person psychotherapy.

My patients can expect this type of schedule from me during treatment...

I work with individuals weekly on the same day at the same time. I see individuals for weeks to years, depending on the relationship and referral.

Exclusively for ELANZA members, I am offering...


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