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Provide a holistic care channel without lifting a finger

So, you've built an amazing product or service that helps people along the fertility, family, and relationship journey but you want to offer your users more... That's where we come in. 

Pair ELANZA's specialist wellness coaching with your offering to drive user engagement, retention, and revenue without having to worry about a thing

How it works

We build your custom branded portal

Your custom branded HIPAA-compliant portal integrates with existing digital or physical assets

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Your users get specialized wellness coaching

Your users meet with Board Certified, specially trained coaches that adapt to their specific needs


You get insights and revenue

You receive de-identified insights around the stress your users are feeling, plus monthly revenue based on bookings

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We only accept 2% of the top Board Certified Coaches and we still add on specialized training around fertility, reproductive health, family, and balance. 

These are not your average wellness coaches. They have spent years gaining their Board Certification under the most prominent and evidence-based certification regime, they have passed through the many hoops it takes to become an ELANZA coach, and they receive ongoing training and workshopping to maintain the highest level of expertise, inclusivity, and compassion for every journey. 

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Adding a personalized wellness channel to your offering benefits both your consumers and your brand

Here are just a few of the ways that ELANZA's coaching can support your consumers 

Making sense of new information

Results from hormone tests, clinical assessments, etc. often require people to figure out what to do with it in order to move forward. ELANZA provides that framework.

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Fostering resilience 

Many people drop off when they don't have the tools to keep going. ELANZA provides them with the support to get there.

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Managing high stress 

For consumers that are experiencing extremely high stress, ELANZA can provide both emotional support and stress management that augments clinical care.


Making hard decisions

Sometimes the easiest decision to make is none at all. ELANZA gets people 'unstuck,' providing the motivation and toolkit to make life alterning decisions.  

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ELANZA changes lives in just 4-6 sessions

Here's what the data showed from people that received 4-6 sessions over 12 weeks with an ELANZA coach.


People said they were “clearer and more confident in their personal or professional goals” after ELANZA coaching


People said they were likely to recommend ELANZA coaching to a friend or family member


1 in 4

People said they were “more effective and focused at work” after receiving ELANZA coaching as an employer benefit


Reduction in stress after 4-6 sessions with a coach - without any therapist or medical intervention​

See what people have to say about their experience

We're focused on partnering with innovators within the following sectors. Is this you?

There's nothing one-size-fits-all about the way we approach personalized wellness. It's important to us to partner with companies that are mission-aligned and committed to improving care within fertility, reproductive health, and family. We are focused on companies within the following sectors:

Employer benefits

If your companies already offers an employer benefit solution focused on fertility, reproductive health, family, or work/life balance, ELANZA can increase engagement and improve outcomes without leaving your existing platform.

Physical products

If your company offers a product that offers support or solutions around fertility, reproductive health, pregnancy, or family, ELANZA can expand your user journey offering emotional support, introspection and help with decision-making.

Clinical or digital care

If you offer clinical care and find that your patients/consumers feel stressed, lacking in emotional support, or feeling like they don't have the tools to move forward, ELANZA's platform reduces the burden on your clinical staff and improves the quality of care.

Is this you? Let's discuss what we can do to build your brand.

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