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Kristen Cain, MD

Kindbody - Atlanta

Atlanta, GA

IVF, Donor Egg/Embryo Program, LGBTQ+, PCOS, Diminished Ovarian Reserve


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Kristen Cain, MD

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Board certified OBG-YN/REI


Signed ELANZA patient care pledge


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I'm a board certified reproductive endocrinologist with 30 years of experience in women's health and infertility. I became a doctor when my father had a liver transplant. His journey showed me all the exciting things medicine can do. I still have a LIFE magazine I kept from childhood with a cover story about IVF, never dreaming that it would become my life's work.
I have worked in academics, hospital based practices and private practice. I have trained at Johns Hopkins, UVA, and UCLA. I have done surgery and advocacy, teaching and research. Even now, nothing beats the glow I feel when we see that heartbeat for the first time, stop the pain, anxiety, or bleeding my patient is feeling, or best of all, when my patient brings her baby to meet me. Kindbody mirrors my values of empowerment, education, and kindness

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I usually take a social history first. I w