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Emotional wellbeing benefits that actually  matter

ELANZA is designed to improve the emotional wellbeing of a diverse and growth-minded workforce. With ELANZA coaching, employees gain the tools to find work-life balance and create the life they choose both in and out of the office. 

1 million Americans miss work due to stress everyday.*

Help your company by helping them through it.

* American Psychological Association

1 in 5

US couples that struggle with fertility and conceiving.


Employees with severe stress specifically related to fertility and family challenges.

1 in 4

People experience burnout from the stress of balancing work with family.


Pregnancies end in miscarriage, which can lead to emotional distress.

ELANZA Coaching is specifically designed to meet the emotional needs of all employees around family, balance and the future. 

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Reach out 

Schedule a conversation with an ELANZA team member to find out more about our platform, pricing, how we work and whether we could be a good fit for your organization. 

We're happy to chat all things workplace wellness and work life balance!

Be a guest on our podcast!

On the Life Work Balance podcast we talk to HR leaders, CEOs, psychologists and more to understand key strategies to attract, retain and better support employees.

Emotional health support is no longer a perk, it's a necessity

Before ELANZA Coaching, employee stress levels were 13% higher than someone diagnosed with cancer and 52% higher than the national US average. 


ELANZA Wellness as a Benefit 

Our platform makes it easy for employees to access 1-1 telecoaching sessions with a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach when they need them. These professional and personal sessions are proven to reduce stress and provides clarity and confidence around personal and professional goals.​

Themes our members work on include:

  • Exploring options and financial planning

  • Trying to conceive, undergoing fertility treatment

  • Infertility, miscarriage, and relationship challenges

  • Alternative paths to parenthood, LGBTQ+

  • Pregnancy, postpartum, getting back to work

  • Managing work, family, and caregiving duties 


"Offering ELANZA coaching as a benefit has transformed our workplace" 

See what employees have to say 

Working from Home

Quite a few employees reached out to say how much the coaching helped them create work-life balance, especially when working remotely. The impact was substantial, both for employees and the company. 


- ELANZA employer partner, Jan 2022

Why Board Certified ELANZA Coaches are different



National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWCs) have had years of training to become leaders in their field. The NBC-HWC is nationally recognized as the standard of excellence for health and wellbeing coaching.


With a growing pool of unqualified "coaches," there is not a standardization of care. Board Certified Coaches give you peace of mind knowing that you are working with a trained professional. 


They spend years in a specialized, accredited training program, they must complete 50 coaching sessions and have an associate’s degree or higher or 4,000 hours work experience.


Board Certified Coaches are prepared to take on any number of fertility journies and life stages. They can adapt with you and support you no matter where the journey leads. 

Common themes in coaching sessions

Figuring out if and when family fits in

Either exploring what “family” looks like to you or receiving support when creating a family (whatever that means to you!)

A Happy Family

Establishing boundaries and prioritizing self care

Learning how to practice self care when there is pressure from family, a partner, work, etc. 

Baby Yoga

Balancing life and work

Managing anxiety/stress about feeling like you're not able to manage the competing needs between work and home life

Mother Working from Home

Managing stress, anxiety, and burnout

Identifying stressors and reframing them into growth opportunities

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Our coaches are hired for inclusive values and trained to hold space for all experiences. 

Prenatal Portrait


Our product and coaching teams are continually assessing how we can be more accessible. 

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Data security and confidentiality are our #1 prioritiy in technology and coaching relationships.

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