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A Fertility Lawyer Reveals the Most Important Legal Consideration Before Fertility Treatment

Planning for fertility treatments like egg freezing, embryo freezing, sperm freezing, IUI and IVF can feel like an overwhelming amount of admin.

After finances, insurances and medical considerations, it's all too easy to let legal matters slip to the bottom of the pile - but that can spell heartache further down the line.

San Diego fertility lawyer Kristen B. Montez explains what the most important legal consideration before starting fertility treatment should be:

Where treatment takes place is such an important consideration because of the enormous variations in laws around fertility treatments both internationally, and locally.

As well as different nations legislating differently around fertility treatments, different states and even different regions can have variations in the kinds of laws that govern frozen eggs, embryo and sperm storage, surrogacy, and IVF.

You can watch ELANZA's full 20 minute interview with Kristen B. Montez on the law, insurance and fertility treatments here.


Guest Expert:

Kristen B. Montez

Fertility Lawyer

Kristen is the founding attorney at The Global Healthcare Law Group, providing legal and strategic counsel on assisted reproductive treatments.


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