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A life coach's top strategies for engineering your early middle years

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Many of us struggle to consciously design our lives in a way that makes achieving all our goals possible. That's especially true during our family building years, when personal and professional clashes and compromises can feel inevitable.

ELANZA's Brittany Hawkins spoke to a software-engineer-turned-coach about tried and tested change methodologies he uses to help his clients realize the lives they want.

Mike Tamayo has nearly 30 years experience in the technology industry as an engineering leader and now as a Co-Active coach. Join us to learn how he helps people concept-model their lives and help them design a plan to optimally work through all stages.

Software engineers rarely come up with a perfect product at first attempt. Instead, iteration – or continually improving a product through collaboration, feedback and analysis – is essential to building a successful product that meets real-world needs. It’s less about following a set format and the “right” thing to do, more about discovering and refining the right steps for the situation at hand.

What would happen if you applied the same logic to your life?

Whether you’re delaying parenthood, fitting trying to conceive around other events in your life, or facing a new phase with demands like parental leave, returning to work and balancing your career plan with parenthood, it can be overwhelming navigating these years with no clear plan.

Hear a new perspective from Mike on how to identify your true values, current barriers, how you can convert your goals into a blueprint, show up in your life with purpose and iterate your way to a better version of your future.

Watch the interview:


Mike Tamayo has had a 28-year career in the technology industry as an engineer, leader, and coach, at companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 100. He helps clients with personal, leadership and executive coaching. Quote ELANZA to book a free 30 minute discovery session with Mike at


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