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A Yale Professor Explains How Fertility Clinics Can Better Support Patients

Dr. Marcia Inhorn's research reveals what patients want, and how fertility clinics can better deliver whole patient care. In this ELANZA Wellness interview, she explains her findings.

Dr Marcia Inhorn is a medical anthropologist who specializes in reproduction and reproductive technologies. She is a professor at Yale University, and the author of many books and published research on gender, technology, and health.

Here she talks to ELANZA Wellness's Catherine Hendy about key findings from her research that are relevant to how people experience fertility journeys - and some of the ways in which clinics can make care more patient-centered and meet different patients needs.

Listen to the Podcast Version.

Watch the Interview:

Dr. Marcia Inhorn is a medical anthropologist and Professor at Yale University, specializing in the study of how people experience fertility technologies.

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