Egg Freezing and COVID-19: Watch an Expert Q&A About What the Treatment "Pause" Means for You

One of the many frustrating impacts of the 2020 Corona virus outbreak has been a recommendation that fertility clinics pause most "new, non-urgent" treatments, as we wrote about in an earlier post. (You can also read more about the guidelines on the ASRM website here.)

This has meant many women who were contemplating freezing their eggs, or were planning to start treatment, have been left unsure whether their treatment can go ahead and how long the restrictions might last.

In a Facebook Live on 30th March 2020, Dr Diana Chavkin, a fertility specialist from HRC Fertility in Los Angeles, and co-founder of ELANZA Wellness, Brittany Hawkins, herself a former egg freezing patient, discuss what the situation is for existing and potential patients.

As Dr Chavkin says, the HRC Fertility clinic and lab are still open at present, but they are having to limit the number of cycles in order to stick to social distancing and limit risks during this time.

Dr Chavkin and Brittany Hawkins discuss:

* What the ASRM guidelines that affect egg freezing actually are

* If COVID-19 is thought to have the potential to impact egg quality

* How long the egg freezing treatment restrictions might last

* What counts as "elective" and the push-back to the restrictions

* What a 1-3 month delay might mean for your eggs

* Exceptions to the advice to pause treatment

* Why the restrictions are in place

In their next Facebook Live, Dr Chavkin and Brittany Hawkins will reveal some specific, proactive steps that you can take to enhance your egg quality while you wait for treatment to recommence and how tools in the ELANZA Wellness Fertility Fit™ app can help you get your eggs in the best shape possible from home.

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We're Catherine and Brittany, the co-founders of ELANZA Wellness and authors of the book, Everything Egg FreezingWe both froze our eggs and spent years researching the impact of lifestyle choices on fertility. We look forward to sharing our insights with you!

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