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From Freezing Sperm to 3 Parent Babies: What's the Future of Fertility At Home and In Clinics?

Dr. Alejandro Chavez-Badiola is Medical Director of New Hope Fertility Center Mexico and was one of the doctors who in 2016 worked with Dr. John Zhang to bring into the world a baby with DNA from three people - known as the first "three parent baby."

The Jordanian boy had been at genetic risk of a disorder called Leigh Syndrome, which is passed on through genetic defects in the mother's mitochondria.

Most DNA from the mother's egg was fused with a minority of healthy mitochondria taken from a donor egg, which was then fertilized with the father's sperm, leading to a healthy live birth.

We sat down with Dr. Chavez-Badiola and asked why he believes the rates of IVF and other fertility treatments around the world are rising, the controversy surrounding the regulation of some techniques, and what he thinks fertility technology will look like 25 years in the future:

Get to know Dr. Chavez-Badiola through his video and profile on the ELANZA Clinic Discovery portal here.


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