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IV Vitamin Drips for Fertility: a Video Explainer

Updated: May 12, 2020

We caught up with one of our expert panelists, Dr Raquel Hammonds, the Naturopathic Medicine Expert at the Center for Reproductive Health & Gynecology - CRHG - in LA as she administered an IV drip to one of her patients.

Dr Hammonds works to explore the root cause of subfertility and infertility in men and women undergoing IVF, IUI and egg freezing with the clinic's fertility doctor Dr Sam Najmabadi.

In the video below, Dr Hammonds explains what types of vitamin drips she recommends for fertility, what the process is like and how they work...

Why get an IV vitamin drip for fertility?

While there have been no formal studies or trials of the effects of vitamin infusions, Dr Hammonds says in her clinical experience she has seen patients go from a predicted 1 or 2 eggs (based on the antral follicle count, or AFC, scan) to over 30 eggs after completing a cycle of once weekly IV drips for four weeks.

As Dr Hammonds says in the video, there are two main goals of a nutrient IV drip for fertility: to help make sure you're optimally nourished and to detoxify your body before going into fertility treatment, to help achieve the best outcome:

1. To Detox

The toxins Dr Hammonds most commonly aims to flush out are mercury and lead, which are endocrine disruptors.

This means they can impact the body's ability to produce and balance reproductive hormones and can affect fertility.

2. To Address Deficiencies

Nutritional deficiencies of fertility-essential vitamins and minerals like iron, iodine, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 are way more common than we imagine - in fact, 92% of Americans are at risk, according to the CDC.


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