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What is Your Emotional Wellbeing Strategy?

Updated: May 11, 2022

Now more than ever, it’s important to be vigilant about the state of our emotional wellbeing.

Although it is often overlooked and unlike physical health can be sometimes easily ignored, emotional health is just as essential to our general health as mental health.

Having a healthy and engaged workforce requires employees to prioritize emotional wellness in the workplace.

It’s no secret that employees are burned out and stressed.

Additionally, a staggering number are resigning from their jobs due to companies not knowing how to support mental health and emotional wellbeing at work effectively.

Implementing an emotional wellness strategy in the workplace might soon become one of the perks employees seek out and might be the differentiating factor when potential employees are deciding between jobs.


What To Expect To Read

  • What is emotional wellbeing?

  • Announcing the first podcast focused on Life-Work Balance

  • Join the show!


What is Emotional Wellbeing?

Emotional wellbeing, also commonly known as emotional health or emotional wellness is our ability to balance feelings during and after experiences that we might encounter on a daily basis.

When we think of what happens on a daily basis and what we go through differs significantly from individual to individual.

Navigating COVID, loss of income, lay-offs, starting a new job, processing a divorce, navigating a breakup, changes in family dynamics, pregnancy loss, or any change or challenge can impact and influence our emotional wellbeing

How well we are able to handle the impact of these experiences?

Are we able to recover and balance our emotions through these experiences?

Navigating our feelings, emotions and how we react is the foundation of what emotional wellness is all about.

At ELANZA, our mission is to help all people create the life they choose. With personalized emotional wellness benefits, companies can now offer their employees an opportunity to thrive, both in and out of the workplace.

Announcing The First Podcast Focused on Life-Work Balance

After speaking with dozens of HR and benefits managers, it's clear that standard benefit packages are no longer sufficient.

In the frenzy amidst "the Great Resignation," employers are having to make drastic leaps in order to recruit and retain top talent.

Without much time or opportunity for failure, all eyes are on companies to make the right moves... But what are they?

The Life-Work Balance Podcast with ELANZA Wellness is a new, meaningfully provocative conversational series that brings human capital experts - including HR Benefits specialists, researchers, founders, employees, managers, and innovators - on air to talk about the solutions, services, and products that they have put int place to improve employee and family emotional health and wellness.

We have structured the work-life balance podcast to create an engaging and positive environment to share ideas, successes and discuss future opportunities in the space.

Join The Show!

If you have an opinion or experience on the subject of the future of work and achieving wellness in the workplace, we want to hear your point-of-view!

Enquire about coming onto the show here.

What's Next?

If you are considering adding an emotional wellness benefit to your company please contact Brittany Hawkins to discuss adding ELANZA Wellness coaching to your benefits package.


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