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Why People Travel to Fertility Clinics in Mexico, And How Much Does IVF or Egg Freezing Cost There?

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Mexico City is an urban area of 25 million people. Its vibrant, cosmopolitan central districts have high living standards.

In recent years, Mexico has become a popular destination for fertility tourism, making it a top overseas destination for treatments like IVF and egg freezing - particularly for people from the United States. But how much does fertility treatment in Mexico cost? And, is it safe to travel to Mexico City for fertility treatment? ELANZA takes a closer look, with the help of top local fertility doctor Dr. Alejandro Chavez-Badiola.

Going overseas for medical care is probably not top of most people's lists when planning for their future family, but people from places like the United States and Europe regularly travel to Mexico for in vitro fertilization (IVF), egg freezing and other fertility treatments.

ELANZA took a tour of New Hope Fertility Center in Mexico City and spoke to its world-renowned Medical Director, Dr. Alejandro Chavez-Badiola.

With his help, we've created this guide that introduces information about the costs, safety, considerations and reasons for having fertility treatment in Mexico as a foreigner.

This article covers:

  • The cost of IVF treatment in Mexico

  • Laws, regulations and cultural considerations around fertility in Mexico

  • What care is like at Mexican fertility clinics

  • Is it safe to travel to Mexico City for IVF or egg freezing?

  • How to choose a fertility clinic in Mexico

  • Americans going to Mexico for fertility treatment: how does the process work?

How Much Does An IVF Cycle Cost In Mexico? Is Fertility Treatment Cheaper In Mexico Than In The USA? And, Why Do People Travel Abroad For Fertility Treatment?

Woman with an empanada
Like the cost of food, accommodation and daily necessities, medical treatments are also cheaper in Mexico than in the US.

People from countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom may travel for IVF treatment and medications to save money.

Largely, motivations are centered around accessing more affordable treatments. In many countries, IVF is not an option for everyone due to the high price of the procedure.

While the cost of one IVF cycle in the United States averages US$15,000 - $20,000, comparable treatment in Mexico is often far cheaper, even when calculating the costs of the costs of travel and accommodation.

But why?

Dr. Chavez-Badiola explains:

What Are The Laws, Regulations And Cultural Considerations Around Fertility In Mexico?

Mexico is a common choice for cross-border IVF treatment thanks to its relatively liberal assisted reproductive technology laws.

It has a similar broad legislative approach to the USA and is not considered restrictive or prohibitive, despite its association with Catholicism.

Dr. Chavez-Badiola talks more about the culture in Mexico when it comes to fertility treatments today:


Mexico have since 2014 introduced restrictions around commercial surrogacy and donor gametes for non-residents, so there are a number of legal issues surrounding these paths to parenthood that you should explore thoroughly.

What Is The Care Like At Fertility Clinics In Mexico?

Mexican doctors tend to practice "more personalized" medicine, according to Dr. Chavez-Badiola - with fewer time limits set for appointments, and more time talking to patients.

Is It Safe To Travel To Mexico City For Fertility Care?

It's fair to say that Mexico City has a reputation globally as a dangerous destination for travelers.

But despite this longstanding reputation as an unsafe city to visit, the central areas of Mexico City are considered safe, and there are plenty of visitors now flocking to experience its art, culture, history and cuisine.

While it continues to have an advisory to exercise increased caution, and it's wise to do your research and avoid certain areas, Dr. Chavez-Badiola explains how a fertility center can help guide you to feel comfortable and safe during your stay:

How to Select a Fertility Clinic in Mexico

With over 50 clinics throughout the country to choose from, Dr. Chavez-Badiola provides some guidance and top considerations for finding a fertility clinic in Mexico and any country:

Traveling From USA To Mexico For Fertility Treatment: How Does it Work?

About New Hope Fertility Center, Mexico City

Medical Director Dr. Alejandro Chavez-Badiola explains how New Hope began, its links with New Hope New York City and Japan's pioneering fertility clinics, as well as the cutting-edge AI and genetic technologies the clinic offers - which are some of the best in the world:

And finally, we asked New Hope Fertility Center Mexico's Medical Director, Dr. Alejandro Chavez-Badiola, why he became a fertility doctor and why he is so passionate about driving technology in the space:

Should You Travel Abroad To Freeze Your Eggs Or Undergo IVF?

Deciding whether or not to travel abroad for IVF or fertility treatment is a personal decision that takes into account a variety of aspects that weigh on both your personal goals and values.

There's no right or wrong answer but an ELANZA coach can help you get to the right decision (whatever that means to you) faster. ELANZA coaches are specially trained to provide you with a framework that allows you to peel away the pressures from society, relationships, family, etc. to help you make choices that help you feel clarity and confidence in your future.

You might just realize how much an ELANZA coach can do for your entire life...


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