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You Gotta Fight for Your Rights to Fertility

Updated: May 21, 2020

This year, ELANZA Wellness was a proud participant in the Federal Advocacy Day, a 1 day event led by Resolve: The National Infertility Association on May 20th 2020.

Federal Advocacy Day involves companies and individuals with missions like ours coming together to educate Members of Congress about important issues and legislation around fertility.

Why is fertility advocacy important?

Many bills that can improve care, or access to treatment, only get passed if there is sufficient support from local and national constituencies. Many politicians may not recognize where there are gaps are in fertility care, or why they exist, which is why it's so important that those companies and individuals present data, share stories and help the government make reproductive health issues a priority for the upcoming year.

Quick facts about infertility

  • It's not a "womens issue": men and women are both affected by infertility

  • 1 in 8 couples have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining pregnancy

  • Infertility is a "disease": it's formally recognized by the American Medical Association and World Health Organisation

How current family building laws affect Americans:

  • Cost is a huge barrier to family building via both adoption and fertility treatment.

  • 75% of private insurance companies do NOT cover the cost of fertility treatment, making cost is a key barrier to both adoption and medical treatment

  • 67% of people report spending $10,000 or more to build their families

  • Nearly 433,000 children are in foster care with 123,437 still waiting to be adopted

"Having a family is fundamental to the lives of many American women and men. Being unable to have a child is life-altering." - RESOLVE

So, what are the key bills that RESOLVE is focused on getting passed into law?

Access to Infertility Treatment and Care Act

What it is: This bill will provide those who receive their healthcare through government-sponsored health plans, including TRICARE, the VA, the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program and others, to have coverage for infertility services. In addition, it provides access to vital fertility preservation services for those, like cancer patients, who are at risk of infertility due to medical treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery.

Why it matters:

  • Lack of insurance coverage for infertility medical treatments is a major barrier to family building for Americans today.

  • Infertility disproportionately affects individuals with particular health complications. For cancer patients and others who must undergo treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, or surgery that are likely to harm the reproductive system and organs, fertility preservation becomes necessary.

Send an email of support to your Members of Congress

Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Act

What it is: This bill makes the tax credit for adoption expenses refundable.

Why it matters: By making adoption expenses refundable, low-to moderate-income families can afford to adopt a child.

Send an email to your U.S. Senators and Representative

Every Child Deserves a Family Act

What it is: This bill bans discrimination against foster and adoptive parents, families or origin and foster youth based on sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status and religion.

Why it matters: It will improve services to the 20% of foster youth who identify as LGBTQ. This federal bill when passed will overturn 9 state laws allowing discrimination for adoptions.

Send an email of support to your Members of Congress

PCOS Awareness Month Resolution

What it is: Designates September as PCOS Awareness Month and it recognizes the need for further research, improved treatment and care options, and a cure for PCOS.

Why it matters: PCOS is a life-long health condition that impacts 5 to 10 million women and girls in the U.S. and is a leading cause of infertility. By passing this Resolution, PCOS will have its own health observance and help spread awareness about PCOS which impacts 5 to 10 million women and girls in the U.S. and is a leading cause of infertility.

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If you feel as passionately as we do about expanding fertility and family care, check out the Legislative Agenda below or the RESOLVE website to see how you can add your voice for change:


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