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Noula Health and ELANZA Wellness are on a mission to transform reproductive healthcare, for good.

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Birthing parents have, for generations, lived with a ‘cis male by default’ healthcare system that was mostly designed by cisgender men and for cisgender men.

The resulting gaps in data and understanding have led to traumatizing and frustrating experiences and often unnecessarily poor outcomes.

Noula Health and ELANZA Wellness are female-founded health startups with a mission to level up reproductive healthcare.

Noula’s reproductive support platform offers birthing parents the opportunity to receive diagnostic testing and reproductive care navigation from nurse practitioners, filling a much-needed gap in clinical care.

ELANZA Wellness helps people manage the enormous amount of stress derived from becoming and being parents.

ELANZA’s Board Certified Coaches are specially trained to provide a safe and supportive environment that allows people to create the life they choose.

Now, for the first time, people can receive both the clinical and emotional support that is often overlooked during the family-building and balancing years.

When people start their journey on the Noula care pathway, they will now have access to extra wellness support through ELANZA coaching.

Ranging from conversations around vision, values and choices surrounding life and family, to setting goals and moving forwards with clarity and confidence - the addition of ELANZA coaching to Noula’s care pathways recognizes that fertility, family and reproductive health carry holistic choices and challenges that extend into all areas of life, work and relationships.

Working with an ELANZA coach alongside Noula’s clinical teams helps you create the life you choose, whatever the journey.

If you’re a birthing person looking to gain more clarity about your reproductive health, you can get a 3-month Noula membership for free, for a limited time.

Use code ELANZA at checkout on the Noula website. Just pay for your test kit and you’ll get your 3-month subscription-free, for a limited time.


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